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Girls, Check Out What's New!

Wow! I love these beautiful band rings just arrived from Italy! They are 18k rose gold with white enamel but they come in many color combinations!
As you see in this picture you can do the bands all gold with out enamel..
The black is so striking. If you choose black and white enamel bands its an amazing look.
It's so much fun to pick your own combinations. Stack them anyway that makes you happy. The bands range from $1,800 up to $4,000
Did I surprise you with this LEOPARD LOOK?! Honestly, every stack is a winner, so GIRLS - come in and play and design the stack that just for you Elissa
Now check these band out!
These bands are slightly different than the first grouping of rings. Call us and we will show you the difference.
Call Elissa and we can discuss your personal color combinations! It's so much fun shopping at Lissa!

As always, we are participating in the UJA virtual summer trunk show. At this current time we only have a few shoppable items on our website. We feel  that it would be easier and more convenient to buy a Lissa Jewelry gift card. This way you can enjoy shopping in the store and use your gift card whenever you desire.

During this event if you would like to call or FaceTime Elissa or Janice, to have a one-on-one shopping experience, please feel free to reach out. We would love to show you all of our merchandise as well as help you support UJA in any way possible! Call us at 212-245-4780 or email to set up any appointments.